Journaling, letter writing for self and others, and the pure love of the English language have all been tools of communication for the author. Her passion for Black dolls and the lack of written information about them influenced written documentation and publications on this subject. Her other published works include:


1998-1999, creator of "Spotlight on Black Doll Collectors" column of DOLL-E-GRAM (VELB Associates, Laverne E. Hall, publisher; a former bimonthly publication). In 1998, the author received a complimentary copy of this publication, noticed its doll artist focus, and wrote the editor to request articles from a collector's perspective, "...especially since Black-doll collectors are the purchasers of Black dolls that doll artists create..." The editor asked the author if she would pen the column.


"Shattering the Black-Doll Myth," Doll Castle News September/October 2006 (Barry D. Mueller, publisher). After having been approached by a collector seeking written information on Black dolls, the then editor of this publication, Dorita Mortensen, commissioned the author to write an article on Black dolls. Several additional articles for DCN followed.


Connecting People with Art Contemporary African-American Art, by Evelyn Redcross and Mercer Redcross, III, October Gallery, 2006, includes the author's "Patron Profile," pages 130-131. Author was introduced to Mr. Redcross at the 2005 International Black Doll Convention in Philadelphia, PA by Barbara Whiteman, curator of the Philadelphia Doll Museum and sponsor of the Black doll convention. Redcross asked and author agreed to include her collector's profile in his publication.


"Black Members of the Ideal Crissy Grow Hair Family," Doll Castle News, November/December 2006."


Having Fun Collecting Black Ginny," Doll Castle News January/February 2007.


"Black Barbie," Doll Castle News, March/April 2007.


"Black Madame Alexander Dolls," Doll Castle News, September/October 2007.


"Meeting the Man Behind the Dolls," The Official Journal of the United Federation of Doll Clubs DOLL NEWS, Winter 2008. This article is a result of the author meeting Floyd Bell, renowned doll artist, at the 2006 UFDC Convention in Dallas, Texas. She felt compelled to document their destined meeting to share with the doll collecting community at large. After receiving the publication's writer's guidelines, the author submitted the article, which was accepted.


"Jackie Ormes' Patty Jo," Doll Castle News, March/April 2008."Not Just Rag Dolls," Doll Castle News, November/December 2008.


"Vintage Doll Reproductions," Contemporary Doll Collector, January 2009 (Scott Publications). This article was accepted and published after the author solicited, received, and complied with the publication's submission guidelines.


"Brooke Nicole’s Ethnic Transformations," Dolls magazine, February 2009 (Jones Publications).


"The Many Faces in My 'Mirror'," Dolls magazine, February 2009 (Jones Publications).


Dolls in Black: Chronicles and Perspectives - Blog for DOLLS Magazine commenced in July 2009, concluded May 2010.


"Ideal's Black Crissy Family," Doll Showcase Magazine, Issue 22, December 2009 (a British publication).


"Fabulous Entertainers," Dolls Magazine February 2010, pages 38-39 (Jones Publications), co-authored with master doll artist, Floyd Bell.


"Sasha Morgenthaler's Dolls for Everyone," Doll Castle News, January-February 2010, pages 28-30.


"BLACK PAPER DOLLS Illustrative Perceptions Then and Now Part 1," Doll Castle News, March-April 2010, pages 29-32, and 41.


"BLACK PAPER DOLLS Illustrative Perceptions Then and Now Part 2," Doll Castle News, May-June 2010, pages 26-30.


"Sew Inspired," (Floyd Bell's hand-carved creations and custom-made fashions) DollReader, April 2011, pages 32-35.


"Why We Collect Stuff - The Dolls I Never Had as a Child" a December 29, 2011 NY Times Room for Debate article, updated December 30, 2011


Featured in "Solano woman pushes to get ethnic doll in stores," by Amy McGinnis-Honey, published on February 14, 2012, in the Daily Republic, Fairfield, California


"Van's Treasures," 2012 Autumn Americana issue of Fashion Doll Quarterly."An Interview with Deja Dohl," Spring 2013 Technology issue of Fashion Doll Quarterly.


Featured in "Black is Beautiful: Why Black Dolls Matter" by Lisa Hix, Collectors Weekly, February 21, 2013.


Quoted in "Talking Dolls Challenge Racial Stereotypes" By Teo Kermeliotis and Ann Colwell, for CNN, March 12, 2012.


Quoted in "You've Come a Long Way Baby: Fashion Black Dolls in Demand Like Never Before" by Shaheera Asante – Founder and Editor, BfabAfrica.com March 28, 2013.


Interviewed by Ann Brown for The Network Journal, article, "Beyond Barbie: Tips on Black Doll Collecting," March 28, 2013.


Interviewed by Sherry Howard of Myauctionfinds.com, "When Black Dolls Talk, Debbie Garrett Listens," August 21, 2013.


Interviewed for and quoted in, "I Want One Just Like Me!" Black Doll Expo by Aisha Phoenix. http://mediadiversityuk.com/2013/10/25/i-want-one-just-like-me-black-dolls-expo/


Vintage-to-modern dolls from the collection featured in a slide show of the Detroit News online article "Detroit Doll Show puts spotlight on African American collectors" by Donna Terek, December 8, 2013.


Featured member in the Summer 2014 issue of United Federation of Doll Club's Doll News in the "Meet a Member" section of the "Sharing Our Passion" column.


Interviewed by Stèphanie Benie of Chroniquebeautenoire.com on black dolls for children, March 15, 2016. www.chroniquebeautenoire.com/poupees-noires-avis-dune-collectionneuse/


Interviewed by The Perot Museum of Nature and Science, February 2016.  Part of the recorded/video taped interview is being used to promote their Eye of the Collector exhibition which runs from April 16, 2016 through September 5, 2016.  The exhibition includes 85 post-Civil War through contemporary black dolls from Garrett's personal collection.


Atelierni Shasha's Featured Collector of the Month, April 2016.


More Media Coverage of Eye of  Collector exhibition, which includes some of  Garrett's dolls:


Interviewed by William Cummings for the article:  Black Girls Have Been Playing With White Dolls For a Long Time, published online in USA Today, April 8, 2017.


Interviewed by Nadja Sayej for the article:  From Controversy to Empowerment:  The History of Black Dolls, published online in The Guardian, April 25, 2017.


"BéBé Bain Discovers Other Bathing Babies" published July 2017 in the 2017 UFDC Convention Journal, Une Journée de la Poupée.


Invited guest caller on the "Ask the Hair and Scalp Dr." radio show discussing the Evolution of Dolls Part 2, broadcast on DFWiRadio November 8, 2017.


2017 email interview by Karen B. Kurtz for her article, “Black Dolls: A Walk Through History,” published by AntiqueWeek in both the Eastern and Central Editions, February 19, 2018, where my interview answers were used and my Black Doll Collecting blog recommended.  


"Through the Eyes of Leo Moss, His Story, His Dolls" published here is referenced on page 199 of the Theriault's auction catalog "Tears for Mina." 


Photograph of my 1960 Black Chatty Cathy along with descriptive text and courtesy credit was part of the wall display of the Field House Museum's "From Caricature to Celebration, A Brief History of African American Dolls" exhibition, March 2018 - July 15, 2018.


June 21, 2018, mentioned in the St. Louis American article, "Black Dolls Help Map Our History."


May 29, 2018, telephone interviewed by Kate Parkinson-Morgan, producer for Gimlet Media's The Nod; a portion of the interview about a mystery doll made in France in the 1970s is included in "The Nod Bureau of Investigation" podcast published on August 27, 2018.



December 30, 2018, quoted in the article, "Serena Williams Introduces Daughter, Olympia, to Black Dolls".  This article also quotes the Wikipedia entry Black Dolls that I originated in 2008 and also uses paraphrased text from my blog entry on R. H. Boyd.  



January 7, 2019, quoted in the article, "How Zora Neale Hurston Helped Create the First Realistic Black Baby Doll" by Emily Temple for Literary Hub 

July 8, 2019, quoted in the Africa News article, "Black Dolls for Black Kids."


July 30, 2019, listed as one of the Ten Must Read Doll Blogs by Babi a Fi of the United Kingdom.

Interviewed for and shared doll photos for KCET.org Lost LA series 4, episode 6, "Shindana Toys: Changing the American Doll Industry," which aired on November 19, 2019, on the Southern California PBS channel KCET.  The documentary can be viewed online here. (The first photos of my dolls appear at 5:12-5:20 minutes of the documentary and later at 17:32.)  The photos are now part of USC Libraries archives.

November 19, 2019, quoted in "Operation Bootstrap:  Empowering the Community Through Entrepreneurship," by Nadra Nettles.  This article promotes the KCET.org Lost LA documentary, "Shindana Toys:  Changing the American Toy Industry."


November 20, 2019, a photo of a pair of my dolls that represent Black dolls with white features is included in another article written to promote the Lost LA Shindana Toys documentary.  "Shindana Toys:  Dolls That Made a Difference," was written by Yolanda Hester.







Additional articles by the author are forthcoming in these and other publications because ... Black dolls are her passion.



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